Convict Lake Loop Trail

  Convict Lake may be one of the most picturesque places I have ever visited.  It is located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, just outside of Mammoth.  The lake was created naturally thousands of years ago by glacier movement.  It is very easy to get to.  Convict Lake is found a mere… Continue reading Convict Lake Loop Trail

Topatopa Bluff

  Topatopa Bluff trail is found in the Sespe Wilderness of the Los Padres National Forest.  The beautiful multi-colored horizontal banding of her face can be seen from almost anywhere in western Ventura County.  She is always there sitting quietly in the background.   We’ve become so accustomed to her presence that over time that… Continue reading Topatopa Bluff

The Remarkable Tale of Two Trees

  Above is a photo that I took of the iconic Two Trees in 2013.  At that time both the 1898 and 1956 trees were still standing.  Two Trees is an omnipresent landmark in Ventura, California.  A local’s bucket-list hike which, thanks to the Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust, is now accessible to the public.  Two… Continue reading The Remarkable Tale of Two Trees

Seven Magic Mountains, Nevada

The drive to Las Vegas is a tedious six hour excursion.  I look for adventures to break up the monotony of the trip.  Hiking to the Seven Magic Mountains is one such adventure.  Well ok, it’s not really a hike, it’s more like a brief walk through the desert.  You will travel 0.25 miles round… Continue reading Seven Magic Mountains, Nevada

Malibu Creek State Park: Lower Malibu Creek Loop

Hiking Malibu Creek State Park is fun.  There are so many adventures to be had there;  hiking, rock climbing and swimming are just a few.  You can hike through the remains of the M*A*S*H site, a very popular television show in the 70’s.  There are multiple connecting trails in the park that will keep you… Continue reading Malibu Creek State Park: Lower Malibu Creek Loop